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Shin Heung is recognized for its power plant maintenance service and would like to take a step further and become a leader of total engineering service provider, covering the areas of planning, drawing, constructing, purchasing, maintenance, repair and follow-up service
  • Repairing, restoring and modifying high pressure/high temperature valves and special valves.
  • Maintenance of rotors (boiler feed water pump at power plants, etc.)
  • Heat treatment and equipment machining on-site.
  • Replacing boiler tube and heater.
  • Maintenance of various types of heat exchangers and loading equipments.
  • Maintenance of various types of combusting equipments and intake equipments.
  • Repairing other equipments of thermal power plant.
  • Name : Jin Sang Byun
  • Department : Sales Team
  • Mobile Phone : +82-10-9072-7480
  • E-mail : sh@shte.co.kr
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