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The plant industry in Korea was started in 1960s but it was not unit the 1970s, the term ¡°Plant¡± was first introduced to Korea. It was time when many Korean construction companies were expanding their businesses to overseas and the first ever nuclear power plant was built in Korea.

Plant construction is one of the essential industries, which requires technological know-how of turnkey base projects, along with experience and technology With years of experience, know-how and technology, Shin Heung will lead the way of Korea¡¯s plant industry.
  • Equipment and piping installations.
  • Construction equipments work(heating and air, gas, fire, sanitary, water supply and sewage, air filter)
  • Rearranging equipments in factory.
  • Manufacturing and installation of tank.
  • ESCO (energy service company) business and ice thermal storage system business.
  • RPC (rice processing complex) business.
  • Automatization of manufacturing equipments.
  • Environment related construction.
  • Name : Jin Sang Byun
  • Department : Sales Team
  • Mobile Phone :+82-10-9072-7480
  • E-mail : sh@shte.co.kr
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