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Plant industry has been the backbone of Korea's industrial development over the years and Shin Heung is recognized for manufacturing the key components. Shin Heung is has been the leader in the plant industry and will continue to be the leader of this industry by expanding its business to more value added products.

  • Various types of valve and relevant components for high pressure/high temperature.
  • Various types of pumps and relevant components.
  • Steam turbine components.
  • Various types of sealings for power generating equipments.
  • Various types of machineries for power generating equipments.
  • Various types of steel structures.
  • Heat exchanger, tank & mixer.
  • Boiler affiliated equipments, ventilation equipments, combustion equipments.
  • Various types of industrial equipments.
  • Name : Jin Sang Byun
  • Department : Sales Team
  • Mobile Phone : +82-10-9072-7480
  • E-mail : sh@shte.co.kr
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