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IĄ¯d like to personally thank each and every single one of you for visiting Shin HeungĄ¯s website and welcome you all.

Shin Heung has been recognized for its continuing effort to satisfy our clients and services provided in all aspects of plant maintenance business since its foundation almost 20+ years ago.

We confide ourselves in highly-trained engineers and the technological know-how we have in maintenance business for power plants and manufacturing necessary components.

Based on many experiences and know-how obtained from plant construction and maintenance thereof, we try to connect power plant service and total engineering in attempt to provide one stop service, covering planning, drawing, purchasing, construction, maintenance, repair and etc and in doing so, all the employees and officers of Shin Heung strive to provide the best service possible and the greatest satisfaction to our clients.

We also continue to invest in technological R&D, both long term and short term, and use this to establish ourselves as a top player in the global market.

We will try our best to become a global top company by technology drive, intellectual and customer satisfying management.

Thanks you.
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