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Since 1984, Shin Heung Co., Ltd. has been growing in maintenance/repair business of power plants.
And from the experiences and know-how gained from many different projects over the period, we are taking a step at a time to become a plant maintenance/repair Specialist of industrial equipment fields.

We do possess an unique know-how and world leading technology from years of experience. We aim to set ourselves as a power plant service specialist. Furthermore, we are preparing ourselves to become a total engineer service provider, capable of providing our clients with one stop service from drawing and purchasing to construction.

In order to achieve this dream, we are trying to establish ourselves as a technology-centered company and create a new value for the company and, at the same time, we are investing heavily in R&D and manpower with high quality. We believe that we can expand ourselves into playing a role in global market with our continuing effort to get better.
We also take pride in satisfying our clients, even in case of the toughest demand, and maintaining a accident-free work site. We also promise you that we will try our best to keep the company clean from all moral hazards and always try our best to help our clientĄ¯s business growth.

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